The latest matcha outfit to match up to the latest season of ‘Bachelor’

The latest season finale of the popular ABC dating reality show “The Bachelorette” has revealed some surprising outfits for the season.

The first look for season 6, which will air Jan. 23, features a matching outfit for the men and women contestants in a pair of matching white suits and matching white shirts.

The outfit was designed by Matching Christmas.

The first-look picture, which is being released exclusively to the “Bachelor” fans, shows the contestants and host Chris Harrison wearing matching matching white jackets with matching black jeans and matching tights.

In a second photo, we see the three contestants posing with a matcha tea, which they shared on Instagram with the caption, “Bella needs to get her hands on this matcha,” with the hashtag “#BellaMerry.”

The tea is made from the matcha plant and is made with matcha, matcha seeds and matcha powder.

“Matcha is the perfect winter sweet, and it’s the perfect match for me,” Ashley Graham, a contestant on the season, said in a caption.

“It’s not only a great way to keep your hair nice and long, but it also has a nice after-taste that’s just divine.”

The three women in the photo, who are all wearing matching suits, have not yet shared the outfits, but the pictures show their faces as they pose with a Matching Santa costume, which features a white Santa Claus mask with matching white gloves and a white cape.

The season finale, which airs on ABC Jan. 24, will also feature an appearance from a contestant named “Jenna” in a matching red shirt and white trousers.

“Boomerang” co-creator Mark Burnett said in an Instagram post, “Jennah has been so amazing over the last few weeks, and her journey has been a huge inspiration to all of us.”