How to beat Chelsea and Manchester United in 2017

The match of the year, in my view, will be the FA Cup final between Chelsea and United.

The two clubs are both favourites for the league title but they’re unlikely to face each other for a trophy, especially in this final in front of thousands of supporters in the city.

As you know, the final is going to be one of the biggest matches of the season, with the potential for a record crowd of 1.5 million in attendance, so this is going a bit different than the previous three finals.

Chelsea will have their hands full with a team that has scored 11 goals this season and United have the potential to be better.

The winner will have a chance to go home with a trophy.

The FA Cup Final is the ultimate competition and the winner will go on to win the Champions League and a trophy at the very least.

Chelsea have been playing the season very well but United are coming off a Champions League final and are hoping to return to Europe for the first time since 2006.

United are the favourites for a top-four spot and it’s no secret they’re looking to add to their title credentials by making the finals.

They are also a massive threat on the back of a new signing in Anthony Martial who has had a phenomenal season.

The duo combined for 22 goals and 21 assists last season and that will be a key for the two teams in this series. 

United will be without Wayne Rooney for the rest of the campaign because of his knee injury and will be relying on young, promising striker Ander Herrera to provide the goals.

Ander is the type of player that is a goal scorer on the wing and he’s a huge asset for a team like United, who are currently bottom of the table and looking to bounce back.

It’s also likely that Juan Mata will miss the game because of a knee injury, so the midfield duo of Juan Mata and Ander will have to fill the void.

If Mata is able to return, he’ll have a big role to play.

Mata scored twice in the FA cup final and he will be joined by Juan Mata, Juan Mata’s teammate and fellow Brazilian, on the scoresheet in the last two finals.

It was Mata who won the last final for United in 2013 and he had a fantastic game. 

Manchester United and Chelsea are the two biggest sides in the Premier League and they’re going to have a difficult task to overcome.

Both sides are very deep at the back and both are looking to make it to the final. 

The final is expected to be a tough affair with Manchester United and Arsenal set to come to London with plenty of firepower.

Both teams will have players on the ball and both teams will be looking to get a win and win quickly.

Both clubs have a number of attacking players on their teams but they are also going to need to contain the opposition.

The game could be decided by the late goal or the early goal.