Which movie costume is your favorite?

The biggest movie costume trend of the year is the one that’s going to be a big part of your wardrobe for Halloween.

The trend is the new “crossover costume” that combines all of the best aspects of your favorite movie costume, with a new twist.

Here are the top 10 crossover costumes you can look forward to seeing on the big screen next year.

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The JokerThe most obvious crossover, but it’s not a spoiler to say the Joker is the most popular.

He’s been playing Batman for nearly a century, and has the longest career in the franchise.

And if the Joker does get a movie in the next decade, it’s a perfect fit.

Plus, he’s always got something going on in the comics, so that’ll be a nice touch.

The character has a reputation for being a bully, so you can expect a lot of violence from him.

However, if you’re not familiar with his comics, you should check out the Joker video game adaptation.

This time, the Joker will be playable in a variety of costumes.

The Batman: Arkham Origins game is scheduled to release in 2018.


The Bride of FrankensteinThe Bride of the Dead has been one of the most controversial films in film history, and that’s no surprise considering that it features an all-star cast.

The film was directed by Sam Raimi and is one of his favorite films, so we should expect the same from this film.

This is the film that gave us the “Crazy Mary” look in Ghostbusters.

It’s not surprising that the Bride of Hell’s Kitchen looks more badass than the Bride, either.

The Bride’s name means “Mother of Death,” which is a reference to the Bride in Greek mythology.

That’s one of those cool-looking Halloween outfits that you’ll never look back at.


The Vampire DiariesThe Vampire Diapers is another one of Raimis’ favorites, and it’s no secret that the creator loves horror.

In fact, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen the movies.

It features one of our favorite vampire parents, the titular Vampire Diaper, who can turn people into vampires.

That being said, we’d like to see a more modern look for the character.

The show has already released two episodes, so it’s unclear if the showrunners are planning to bring a modern look to the character in the future.


Batman: The Dark KnightRiddick is a Batman fan, and we’re happy to say that Riddick has made his way to the big-screen in a few different incarnations.

But the film adaptation of the character hasn’t been a big hit, and Riddicks character is the biggest obstacle to getting him in the big time.

The director Sam Riddic will helm the film, and he’s known for directing great films like The Bourne Ultimatum and The Revenant.

We hope to see him deliver a Batman that has a little bit of that Riddler in him.