Maxis matchcc cc to be available on all devices

Maxis is launching the official Matchcc app today, allowing users to quickly and easily match up a list of icons, fonts and other icons with their favorite apps on a smartphone or tablet.

Maxis said the app will be available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 devices in the coming days.

In addition to a list, the app includes a color scheme for all matching icons, as well as a few other helpful tips and features.

Maxis Matchcc is available for iPhone and Android devices with support for emoji and voice, and the company says it supports a variety of devices, including the iPad Pro, Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4th generation, Kindle Fire HDX, LG OLED TV, Samsung Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

In its press release, Maxis says it was inspired by Apple’s Match CC, which it says has more than 1 billion apps available across more than 400,000 apps.

“We are happy to bring Matchcc to all the devices that have the Match CC software and to all of the devices, whether you’re a casual or professional user, who are already familiar with the MatchCC app,” said John Lasseter, MaxIS’ CEO.

The company added that users can also use Matchcc for “regular tasks,” including checking email, watching movies and games, and scheduling appointments.

The app also offers more than 30 search suggestions, including search terms for popular apps, like Netflix and Amazon.

The Matchcc team will share more information on the app in the weeks ahead, the company said.

The app also has support for more than 2 million fonts.