Is a Taurus a Good Match for the Next “Best Boy” in a Couple?

Taurus’s Taurus Ultra-Premium and the Taurus Signature are the two most popular brands in the U.S. with over a billion pairs sold annually.

While Taurus is now on the verge of a huge resurgence, it has had its share of problems over the years.

It has had some pretty bad customer service and sales issues.

Taurus also has a lot of money problems.

Taurus stock has lost more than 80% of its value in the last two years, and analysts are now calling for a return to profitability.

TUAW analyst Scott M. McAlister wrote in a research note last week that “tauruses’ potential for a turnaround is very real.”

In his research, he said that while the company is “a very strong performer,” “a significant portion of its growth has been driven by lower than expected net profit margins and lower-than-expected sales growth.”

Taurus has been struggling in recent years, but it has been a good investment in the short term, McAlisters said.

The company has been the best performing stock over the last 10 years.

The Taurus company shares have been on a tear since 2010, but have lost more and more value.

TURSUS COMPANY REVENUE FOR THE YEAR-END 2015  (in millions)  ($ millions) Taurus Inc. Total revenue $2,821,000 $6,723,000 Total revenue per share $5.35 $5,908,000  Revenue Growth Rate (Y/Y) 6.3% (6%) Net income (loss) $3,928,000 ($4,981,000) Net income per share (loss per share) $4.31  Sales Growth Rate  4.7% (5%) Net sales (1,924,000,000.00) Revenue growth rate per share  -8.0% (9%) Net revenue per year $6.03  Stock Price Growth Rate 4.2% (7%) TURSVS REVENUES FOR THE MONTH  Taurus Inc.(1) $2.89 billion (1) Taurus ($) Total revenues  $2,719,000 (2) Sales Growth Rates  8.4% (8%) Net revenues $3.35  Total shares outstanding  12,619,400 (3) Total market capitalization  5,051,500,000(4) Company profit per share ($) $0.17  Annual average earnings per share  $1.48  Year-end 2015 Tauri $0 Taurus Ultra- Premium ($) 3,085,000($) Tauruses Signature ($) 2,813,000$ Taurus Total revenue ($) 4,082,000Taurus (4) $1,731,000 Taurus (5) $766,000Total revenues (6) $9,819,800Taurus Total sales (7) $10,637,400TaurusTotal revenue (8) $11,823,400 Tursus total sales per share(9) $3,099,000