How to play live match with /u/Teddybear_Live

This thread will be the first of many live match threads in the coming months.

We will also continue to make updates to this thread as we continue to learn how to stream matches and learn more about how to build an active community around the game.

If you want to participate in these live matches, make sure you read the following FAQs before posting questions or suggestions:1.

Are you a competitive Halo player?2.

Do you play Halo 5: Guardians?3.

Do we know how to use the live match feature?4.

Are there any restrictions on the number of people that can participate in a live match?5.

Is there a limit to how many players can participate?6.

Can I play with a friend or clan?7.

Is this a sanctioned live match, or can I join as a spectator?8.

Will I be able to compete on my own or as a friend?9.

Can my clan join as well?10.

Are players able to join a match without a server?11.

What are the rules for the clan or server?12.

Will we have to start from scratch to create a clan?13.

Are we able to play in our clan if we want to?14.

Will you have to wait for an invitation from a clan member to join?15.

Will the match be played on a public server?16.

What’s the maximum number of players that can be in a clan at one time?17.

Will there be a timer or timer message to announce the end of a match?18.

Is the match live?19.

Will it be a one-shot event?20.

Will all players be able see the results of the match before the countdown?21.

Is it possible to play with bots or spectators?22.

Is all match play on the same server?23.

How can I get my clan members to play together?24.

Is a clan available for clan registration?25.

Is clan chat active in the clan chat?26.

How do I get a clan account?27.

Are clan members required to have a Halo account?28.

Are clans able to invite players to join their clan?29.

Can clan members chat in their clan chat or on their own?30.

Will clan members use their own clan-owned accounts or the same account they are using in-game?31.

Will clans be able buy in- game currency for clan members?32.

Can clans buy in game currency?33.

Can members of my clan buy in in- games currency?34.

Can players in my clan purchase in- gamer currency?35.

Can the clan buy clan currency in– game?36.

Is clans allowed to purchase in game items from a vendor?37.

What is a vendor and how do I use it?38.

Can teams purchase in games currency with their clan’s currency?39.

Will Clan members be able join a clan-based game?40.

Are any clan-sponsored events planned?41.

Is Clan participation restricted to the first-person shooter genre?42.

Can a clan purchase clan currency or other in-games items?43.

Can Clan members in a team-sponsored event buy in games items?44.

Can any player on a team buy in GameCredits?45.

Are Clan members allowed to buy in clan- owned items?46.

Can you buy clan-produced gear in- GameCredits or other third-party sites?47.

Is an in-Game sale allowed?48.

What do I do if I am caught in a match where someone I know is not online?49.

Will players in a multiplayer match be able communicate with each other in the match?50.

Will team mates be able play together in the same match?51.

How many clan members can play together at once?52.

Will a match be paused after 5 minutes if the match ends in a draw?53.

How long does a match last?54.

What if my match ends when someone is not on my team?55.

How does the clan and match-up timer work?56.

Can teammates be on the team at the same time?57.

Are all clan members allowed in the lobby?58.

Can anyone be banned from the clan?59.

Can they play in the team lobby at the time of the clan’s match?60.

What happens if someone leaves the clan in- team?61.

Can team members join other clans in the Clan Matchroom?62.

Can we invite other clans?63.

How will I know if my clan member is in- the clan when I join the clan- or clan-only match?64.

What should I do in a chatroom to find out if someone is on my clan or not?65.

How to make a clan friend.66.

What does the team-only lobby look like?67.

Are team members allowed or encouraged to join the same clan?68.