How to buy a 2018 NFL season ticket from the ‘Black Friday’ deal

A couple of years ago, when the NFL decided to do away with the annual Black Friday deals, I was not a fan of it.

I thought it was a way for the NFL to make money, but also, in my opinion, to avoid having to spend money on Black Friday.

The NFL had a very different approach in mind, and I think it’s one that is going to be the same in 2018.

I think the NFL is going have a lot more flexibility in how they are going to deal with Black Friday, and we’ll see if it continues.

Here are the basics to consider.

A) What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day on which NFL players go on the open market for the first time.

There are usually more than 30 teams participating in the Black Friday market.

There are a number of reasons why players might be able to go on Black Thursday, including the end of the NFL regular season, the start of the regular season for the 2018 NFL draft and, for the third straight year, the regular-season finale of the Super Bowl.

Black Thursday is also the day when players who are under contract or on the injured reserve list will no longer be able.

In addition to the NFL, the NFLPA has been lobbying for Black Friday to be moved to a different day, with an NFL franchise being the first team to play on Black Thanksgiving.

B) How much does it cost?

According to the team that sells your season ticket, you can buy a 2019 season ticket for $1,988 for a single game, or $2,500 for a full season.

For a second game, you get to buy another season ticket ($1,854), and for a third game, the total comes to $2.5 million.

As for what you get for your money, that varies by the season, but it will include:The average price of a 2019 game is $3,907, which will be $7,983 more than the average for the previous four years.

That makes 2019 the third-most expensive season ticket in NFL history, behind the 2010 and 2012 seasons.

A season ticket also comes with a discount if you buy it with a cash discount or through a ticket-splitting arrangement, where the team gets a portion of the sale.

That’s the most expensive season tickets on the market, at $1.1 million, and the cheapest since the 2011 season.

It’s not the cheapest season ticket on the list, however, because the average price for the 2019 season is $2:1,000 more than what the average ticket price was at that time.

If you’re going to buy the cheapest, it might be best to do so through a third-party ticket reseller.

That way, you’ll have access to the cheapest tickets on sale, and you’ll get more value for your $1 million.

But you still can’t do that with the Black Thursday deal.