5 ways to use incense to make yourself happy, and not get in trouble for it

If you are new to the practice of using incense, here are 5 ways you can start today.


Start with your favorite flower or plant.

If you don’t have a favorite plant or a specific scent, then try a flower or a plant that you know well and have grown for years.

This will be the easiest and most rewarding of all the incense choices.


Choose the incenses you want to use.

The more you can choose, the better.

Make sure you are using incenses that you enjoy, and don’t make the mistake of choosing too many.

There is no right or wrong way to use an incense.

Choose incenses with a scent that you like.

If your favorite scent is fragrant, then a nice, warm incense is a great choice.


Buy the incantations.

If incense can make you feel good, then the incanto (plants) and the incautes (herbs) are a good choice.

If there are a lot of different incantings, you can buy a few different incants for the same scent.


Make a plan for the next time you use incenses.

It’s best to start with one incense each day for a week or so.

Then, as you grow and discover your favorite incenses, you’ll choose new incantants for your personal use.


Make your own incense incense makes is easy to make.

You can buy homemade incense from your local health food store or online, or you can find one in your local craft store.

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