When you need to make sure your child’s matchmaking match is safe, the Australian Match Making Association recommends keeping an eye out

A year after the introduction of the Australian Safety Matchmaking Act, which aims to increase the number of matchmaking partners available to young people, the Matcha Ice Cream Company has launched a new mobile app, to help families with matchmaking problems.

In partnership with Matcha Australia, Matcha says the app will offer the same tools and features as its older version.

“Matcha is committed to ensuring that our matchmaking services are accessible to all, regardless of age, race, ethnicity or gender,” Matcha said in a statement.

Matcha’s latest mobile app aims to be “a safe, effective and reliable way for parents to get matchmaking help, from match makers around the world”.

“In a busy matchmaking environment, it can be very difficult to find a match and it can also be difficult for families to find matches who are available,” the company said.

The app is available in the App Store and Google Play and features a “matchmaking dashboard”, where parents can enter their child’s phone number, and then a “social media matchmaking” button that is accessible by selecting the relevant social media platforms.

At the moment, the app only allows parents to select one matchmaker per family, but Matcha is looking to expand to more family sizes.

This new app will allow Matcha to “focus on ensuring that parents and matchmakers have the tools and information they need to help ensure a safe and positive matchmaking experience”, the company added.

ABC News’ Lucy O’Neil contributed to this report.