When To Wear Your Best Swimsuit For The Best Matcha

It’s been more than a decade since the first bikini matcha debuted at the 2010 Summer Olympics, but for those looking to get in on the act, it’s time to go all out.

The first bikini-themed Matcha line was launched in 2013 with a line of matcha-infused gel-based swimsuits.

But that’s not all.

In addition to Matcha-branded swimwear, Matcha has also announced an expansion of its Matcha family of products, which includes swimwear and apparel made with the Matcha™ formula.

“The Matcha formula is so popular that we’re expanding the line to include Matcha gel,” says Matcha’s senior vice president of product marketing, Matt Gorman.

“This year we’re adding more Matcha matcha products to the range, including Matcha swimwear in different colors and patterns.”

To get more Matchas, Gorman says there’s a $20 price hike for women’s and $40 for men’s swimwear.

To learn more about the Matchas and what the Matchaa family has to offer, check out the video below: Matcha vs. Matcha Matcha products are available at Target, Macy’s, and other big retailers and online.