When Nike matches shirts, shoes and more

A couple of years ago, when I was a young reporter covering the Middle East, Nike started making shirts with a logo for the Palestinian people.

At the time, I wasn’t even familiar with the word “Palestinian” and it took me a few minutes to find a picture of one on my computer.

I was stunned to see that a Palestinian shirt had a pair of Israeli soldiers’ insignias on the front.

I was also surprised to see the logo used by a popular sports shoe brand.

A few years later, Nike changed the logo, but the two symbols never really separated.

When I got the chance to try on the shoes, I couldn’t stop thinking about the pair of Israelis’ insignia on the sleeves.

When I finally got the opportunity to see them in person, they were quite different.

The Nike logo was smaller, with a darker shade of gray on the sides, and the soldiers’ faces were in a more menacing manner.

The contrast was jarring.

I didn’t expect the logo to be so similar.

I also found the design to be slightly different from the one I had seen on the company’s other products.

Nike’s signature logo is always bold and colorful.

The Palestinian version is more subdued.

The logo has been on the ground for decades, but it’s only recently that I realized that Nike had made the decision to make it black, a decision that I never thought would have to be made.

The logo is also noticeably less colorful, and I was reminded of how Nike’s new basketball shoe color scheme is completely different from its previous soccer shoe color schemes.

The design of the Israeli soldiers is very similar to the Palestinian soldiers.

The only difference is that the Israeli ones have an Israeli flag on their back.

The two soldiers are not very different in size.

The soldiers are both about six feet tall, with large, dark eyes.

The Israeli soldiers are about six-foot-five, and their eyes are even more pointed.

They also have black hair that is tied back in a ponytail.

The Palestinians are taller, with dark, curly hair that curls back at the back of their heads.

The Israelis have dark, light hair that falls just above their shoulders.

The difference is apparent in the color of the men’s shoes.

The black shoes look much more like black leather than white leather.

The blue shoes look more like a black-and-white, high-top-style sneaker.

The Israeli soldiers look different than their Palestinian counterparts, too.

They are a bit taller, and are wearing lighter, more casual clothing.

The two have a similar height, but they look much smaller.

The three Israeli soldiers on the right have a larger profile, while the three Palestinians on the left have a smaller profile.

The shoes are available for men and women.

Men can choose to wear a black or a blue pair.

A women’s shoe is available, too, but is a darker color than the men.