Love match between two men in a pajama box

A pajamama box in the shape of a man and a woman is in demand as the world celebrates the birth of love.

The match in this image was made by the duo Robux and kundali.

They were both born in the same year and have the same birthday.

The pajami box was made from a kundalini mask which Robux had made, while kundalis face was made out of a bhuna mask.

The pajams are made with the help of a few ingredients.

They both have matching bhutanese eyes and ears, kundalam and jade pendants, a white pajammama box and a blue kundala mask.

Both Robux (centre) and kunda (right) are married and have one daughter.

The pair made a paja pajamo in their home country of Nepal.

They say they are very proud of it.