How to win the Super Bowl with a pair of matching swimsuits

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was wearing a pair the day after the Supercomic Ball.

But his team’s opponents also had matching outfits to play in their own game.

The New Orleans Saints’ jerseys were blue and white with matching red socks, while the Carolina Panthers’ shorts were white with black socks and white gloves.

It was an odd way to win a game, but it was also a way to start a tradition.

Brady’s team lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Superdome in overtime, but the team that was supposed to wear the worst jerseys ended up with the best outfits.

And the league’s first official match day tradition has been alive and kicking since.

From New Orleans to Seattle to Los Angeles to San Francisco, the league has been sending out match day outfits since 2006.

The tradition has spread to the NFL, and it’s a bit of a mixed blessing for fans who love to see the best teams in the league fight for a title.

But for fans in Seattle and San Francisco who want to see their favorite teams in their home town, the best way to do it is to go with the hottest matchday outfits, writes Marc Berman.