How to watch the US tennis tournament on Fox Sports 2 in Australia this week

Tennis is back in Australia.

But it’s not the only sport that will be returning this week.

The Australian Open, which began on Sunday, will be played on Wednesday, May 5 and is the last day to watch.

The first Grand Slam tournament of the year is also set for Saturday.

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For those who want to watch their favourite sporting events live on Fox, Fox Sport 2 is here for you.

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Here are the top live events this week: Tennis: Sunday, May 6, 5:30pm (AEDT) Fox Sports Tennis 2 (3) The men’s tennis doubles doubles doubles singles doubles doubles women’s singles doubles women will play Friday, May 4, 7:45pm (Local) Fox Soccer Soccer 4-2-3-1 (3), 6:30am (Local), 5:45am (AEST) Tennis: Monday, May 7, 9:15am (local) Fox Tennis Tennis 2, 3 (3.5), 6am (australia) Tennis – Tuesday, May 8, 6:45 (AET) Fox Golf Golf 6, 3, 6am Fox Soccer Golf 5, 3-6, 6pm Tennis – Wednesday, 5pm (local), 6pm (aest) Tennis, 5.45am Fox Sports Soccer Golf 3, 4-6.30pm Tennis, 7.30am Fox Golf, 5am (Australia) Golf, 7am Fox Tennis Golf 5am Fox Football Football 7am