Which NBA teams are best-suited for ice-cold lattes?

It’s the ultimate drink for the NBA fan, and the team in question is the Miami Heat.

A study by the sports beverage company Coca-Cola found that fans of the Heat drink about one and a half times more ice-cooled coffee than fans of other teams, according to Bloomberg.

A fan of the Warriors, who like to keep their coffee cold, drink about half as much as fans of their own team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

“You can’t get away from the fact that the Heat is a great ice-cream beverage,” said Jeff Miller, vice president of beverage for Coca-Cola.

“But when you go to the games and see the way they use the ice, you know it’s not the only beverage that works for them.”

Miller said the Heat’s ice-coffee-based concoctions are the most popular on the team.

The team also has its own signature beverage: the Heat Coffee, which is served hot or cold.

The Miami Heat is one of the hottest teams in the NBA, and it drinks a lot of ice-caffeinated coffee.

In fact, they’re the only team in the league to sell ice-coloured coffee in-game.

“We’re just as much of a coffee drinker as any other team in this league,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said, according the Associated Press.

“The ice is so much easier to digest in the cup.

We’re a lot more about that.”

The team’s ice coffee has become a staple of the league for years, according a report from Bloomberg.

The New York Daily News reported in 2011 that the team sells about $8 million worth of ice coffee a year, with the majority going to their players and staff.

The most popular beverage is a blend of hot and cold brews.

“We’re doing a lot with our cold brew,” Spoelstras said, The Miami Herald reported.

“It’s our coffee of choice.

We have one that we brew, we have one we make our own, we’re a pretty active coffee drinkers.”

In 2014, the Heat made headlines when they started selling coffee in their home stadium, Marlins Park, and they also sold ice-hot beverages on the court.

It’s no surprise that Miami is a coffee-drinking force in the Miami-Dade County area, as the team has long been known as a coffee capital of the world.

In 2015, Miami Heat fans consumed more than 100,000 gallons of coffee in the month of March alone, according Miami-dade.com.

It’s also been reported that the Miami Beach and the nearby area are the coffee capitals of the United States.