Soccer players are getting in on the action with match-day incense

Soccer players from around the world are getting into the act with match day incense.

The World Cup is just around the corner, and for the past few weeks, a handful of top European leagues and clubs have announced matches to be played on match day, with some leagues even using match day as a way to celebrate.

Now, according to the Guardian, there are two things you should know about incense: 1) it’s illegal to burn incense in a match, and 2) it is totally okay to burn match day.

The Guardian says the two are closely related, as match day is typically the time of year when players and fans from the different leagues gather for a pre-match party.

It’s also the time when teams are preparing for matches, and there is often a lot of alcohol consumed in the match day celebrations.

According to the World Cup Organizing Committee, “The World Cups will be played from July 25 to Aug. 5, 2017, with the first four matches played at the stadiums of the participating countries.”

The United States and France, who were eliminated from the tournament last month, will face off in the first of the four matches.

There’s also some good news for fans in Europe, who can now purchase match day in some European leagues.

In France, which is hosting the tournament, incense is banned for the entire World Cup, but there is a loophole that allows it to be used for matches.

“If the incense has been properly processed and is not considered an advertisement for a match and is in accordance with the FIFA Code of Ethics,” the organization wrote on its official website, “the incense may be used to celebrate a match.”

However, if the incenses is found to be advertising a match or event that is not official FIFA World Cup matches, the incantation may be removed.

“This means that fans can still buy match day and other matches in their local leagues,” the article says.

“For example, a fan could purchase match-night incense from one of the European leagues to buy match night tickets at the stadium where the matches will be held.

This way, a local fan who attends a match in France can still experience the match at a stadium with official FIFA matches and events.”

In the U.K., for example, match-Night Incense is not allowed for sale to spectators.

In the United States, however, incenses are legal, and matches will often be played at venues that have official FIFA events.

So, how much match day does it cost to enjoy matches?

According to The Guardian, match day at the 2018 World Cup will cost around $300.

This will be a fraction of the cost of the games in the United Kingdom, where match day will cost between $1,500 and $3,000.

And, of course, the United Nations will provide match day services to countries across the world.