How to watch the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs on your iPad

On your iPad, you can now watch NHL Playoffs on TV, the NHL announced today.

The NHL will stream the 2017 Eastern Conference Finals and the Stanley Cup Final on its own digital platform, the National Hockey League App, as well as on

For the first time, the app will also allow you to stream and view highlights from the playoffs on-demand.

The app will not only stream live games but also provide an interactive highlight reel for every game.

The App will also show you the NHL Playoffs schedule, plus scores, scoreboards and player stats, and provide a look at the teams and their respective lineups.

You can also see how the teams are faring in each round and how their playoff record stacks up to that of the next-best team.

The new NHL Playoffs app will be available to the public on iOS and Android on June 27.