WWE NXT stars in animated GIFs to celebrate the start of season 3

WWE NXT star Samoa Joe and fellow NXT stars Naomi and Sasha Banks have made their animated GIF debut in a video posted to the company’s YouTube channel.

The video was uploaded last week and shows Joe and Banks playing a clip from “NXT Takeover: Brooklyn,” in which they’re shown wearing the traditional WWE tights and wrestling masks.

They also make their way around the streets of Brooklyn with a pair of giant rubber ducks and a red-and-white ball.

The two wrestlers then perform a few brief dance moves to a video of Banks singing along to the song.

The video is accompanied by a photo of Joe and the two of them at the WWE Network taping in Las Vegas.

The clip was posted to YouTube on Monday by a fan named jennifer.

She posted the clip on Instagram and later shared it with a group of fans, with the caption, “WWE NXT 2.0: Sam and Naomi and the ducks.

I’ve been waiting for this.”

Fans of the series of WWE NXT shows, which debuted last year, are in for a treat this season, with all four series airing on WWE Network in the coming weeks.

The two-hour series of NXT events will air weekly starting with NXT Takeover this Saturday on WWE.com.